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Strength: 3.

From the Daterra Estates, Minas Geiras, Brasil

Tastes of caramel, biscuit and hazelnut


Some people like scented candles and look at pictures of tropical beach scenes on the laptop. Others prefer to have a sit down and drink Brasil Daterra Sunrise.

Now, it’s not that we’re saying that coffee from our friends at the Daterra Estates in the Minas region of Brasil – where the altitude, flat terrain and mild climate helps grow a beautifully balanced, award-winningly mellow bean – is better for a good ‘ol relax than candles, tea and beach scene, it’s just that it…. definitely is.


Available as wholebeans or ground coffee.

Pack Size 227g

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Grumpy Mule ground coffees are suitable for use in a wide range of coffee brewing equipment including filters, French press (cafetiere), percolators, AeroPress, Chemex and siphons. For espresso machines, we recommend that you finely grind your choice of Grumpy Mule coffee beans for the best results.
Grumpy Mule's organic Bolivia coffee is from the Union Pro-Agro cooperative and is both Fairtrade certified and supporting the Cafe Femenino project. Creamy body and amazingly aromatic. Women coffee producers are vital to world coffee production yet harsh gender inequalities, poverty and abuse are rampant in many coffee producing regions. Many women coffee producers have no rights, no income and some, along with their children, are abandoned by their husbands. The Café Femenino Coffee Project is a social program for women coffee producers in rural communities around the world and more than 1,500 women in Bolivia, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru are active in the project to achieve empowerment, build social and support networks, and earn incomes through the production and sale of 100% single origin, “Café Femenino” coffees. The success of the Project also initiated the creation of The Café Femenino Foundation, which provides direct grants to selected programs and projects that enhance the lives of women and their families in coffee growing communities. In Bolivia this has included schemes such as: training programs to improve producers’ abilities in farm management, coffee improvement and organisational business management; the provision of elevated coffee drying tables to improve processing and quality; rebuilding of damaged coffee nurseries following significant storm damage to plants and the nursery. The Fairtrade-certified Union Pro-Agro cooperative (La Asociación Unión de Productores Agropecuarios) is based in Caranavi in Bolivia’s Yungas region. It has around 250 smallholder producers in total; of which around 20% are women; each with an average of 3 hectares dedicated to organic coffee. The producers, working within their community “colonias” also grow other aromatic, citrus and medicinal plants. The coffees are grown organically at altitudes up to 1750m. In additional to the Fairtrade and organic premiums, the women producers receive a further premium exclusively for themselves under the Café Femenino Coffee Project ( and a donation of $0.05 per pound of coffee is also made to a women’s crisis organisation in the UK.
As the proud winner of no less than 6 Great Taste Awards in 2013 and the recent accolade of ‘Best Coffee Brand’ in the recent Fine Food Digest’s ‘Best Brands 2013-14’ issue; Grumpy Mule offers distinctive and certified coffees roasted in batches to suit their individual characteristics and to get the best possible flavour from each and every coffee. Most of these coffees aren’t just blends or characterless single origin coffees, but coffees from identifiable farms, estates and cooperatives of smallholder farmers. The beans are roasted and packed in their Yorkshire roastery.


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